I was staying in my friend’s guest room, along with boxes from her mother’s estate that were waiting to be sorted, and trying to sort out my own problems. Usually, I make a decision, put it to bed, then move onto the next one. Except, some decisions need more thought, more time to percolate. Occasionally, I confuse this waiting process as self-doubt. Especially with difficult decisions. As I sat on the bed with just the table lamp on, praying, asking for guidance, and listening, my eyes focused on one small sentence in that whole wall of boxes. “DON’T RUSH THINGS.”

I’ve added a visual sunburst to the photo in place of the emotional effect it had. It may sound far-fetched, and I probably wouldn’t have given it another thought, except for the internal change I experienced: a genuine peace about giving this situation more time.

Oh, did you see that the ad was about turkeys? Another reminder of God’s humor. And care.