A flower for a season

A flower for a season

On the advice of a friend, I eased into a hot bath with Epsom salts and a
few drops of lavender. Thinking it would be nice to look at something pretty
while soaking, I had set a bouquet of flowers next to the tub, unaware of the
precious message they would speak this morning.

Each flower carried its own beauty. One was the star, standing out from the
others. Some were grouped with friends, while one was hiding alone. Another was an oddball, and others drooped near the bottom. That’s where I am.

My mother just entered hospice. At times in her journey, she’s been that
glorious star, but always, she’s released a sweet fragrance. Drooping near the bottom is just for now. It is one flower, but it is needed to complete the
whole lovely bouquet.

I am comforted that even while these flowers fade, others are already
growing, in my life and my mother’s. Wherever you are today, I hope grace
imparts the strength to be a sweet fragrance for yourself and for those around you. 

If you like, choose a flower that represents your life in this moment and share your experience. Someone may need to hear it.