The idea for Share a Cup of Gratitude came when I noticed how often complaining occupied my speech, and how after a cup of coffee and a chat with friends, I often felt defeated instead of lifted. This became more true with conversations focused on the dire state of the world, and worse, the way we’ve been cut off from each other. So, I created these cards with prompts that encourage connection and gratitude.

In Gratitude Works! Dr. Emmons said, “The nature of gratitude is important to inspire us to do good, not just feel good.”

So, my offering is to share this tool with you. There are two sets of questions: Up Lifting and Proverbs and Promises. Each set contains sixty cards. My hope is you’ll invite someone to coffee or tea, even if it’s over the phone, and use these prompts to lighten, inspire, and recall fun memories. Or, just hand them out. So, go for it. Share a cup of gratitude!


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