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The Get Eaven Series Book One

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Cheryl Colwell’s New Series

From the Author

My new series is written for women. For me. I had to become a stronger person to write Eaven Alexander’s character. She must take risks, learn to trust her own decisions, face herself and her misconceptions, and then have the courage to walk in the light of what is true.

Her solo journey scares me. We’ve all be alone at times, or one day may be. How will we manage? How will Eaven?

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From the Get Eaven Series

Homeless, broke, and broken, Eaven Alexander is determined to carve out a new life. And find a way to get even.

She arrives in Astoria, Oregon but too late, she realizes that something insidious is lurking beneath Astoria’s idyllic facade. And that no one is who they claim to be.

“This who book speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit. I will happily follow Eaven on her next adventure.” –

- B. Harris

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