Most of the changes I’ve tried to embrace seem to have stayed at a superficial level. Skin deep. But on my way through the “valley of the shadow of death,” something different happened. God eased in through my tear ducts, my open wounds. Don’t mean to sound all morbid but just speaking the truth here – victimhood and all.

As I was outside gardening this morning, I began to think of how a systemic works. It is poured into the ground WHERE THE ROOTS ARE. When my foundation was in upheaval, the soil I’d depended on loosened, became unstable. That made me dependent on Him to hold me upright and sustain me. The more nourishment I received while abiding in the Spirit, the more was drawn up from healthy, new roots, filling every cell with faith and trust, pushing despair and fear out bit-by-bit.

It’s still a process. Always will be. For this growing season, however, I’m seeing some real, lasting growth. Healthy branches. Soon, new leaves will grow and even flowers will bloom again. I can count on it; count on Jesus to finish the good work He started.