Astoria Rumors

Homeless, broke, and broken, Eaven Alexander resurrects her career, but with an innovative twist. Her degrees in historical architecture and antiques attract a lucrative but questionable job offer to locate an important document for the mysterious Greg Sault.

The hunt takes her inside a decaying mansion and into conflict with Clayton Mercer, a town heavyweight and Greg’s enemy. Too late, she realizes that something insidious is lurking beneath Astoria’s idyllic façade. And that no one is who they claim to be.

“Readers will rally for Eaven (rhymes with “Steven”) as she discovers both her detective skills and personal worth in the midst of a suspenseful birthright drama.” – Rachel Lanigan

“This whole book speaks to the resiliency of the human spirit and finding faith. I will happily follow Eaven on her next adventure!”  – Brittany Harris

“Astoria Rumors has all the elements I love in a book–a creepy old house, long-buried secrets, a scenic and atmospheric location I’d love to visit, a brooding hero with a dark side.” – Robin Johns Grant