While visiting our daughter in Kalispell, Montana, we ventured east and found this charming town that sits on the north shore of Flathead Lake. Full of galleries, shops, and great places to eat, it proved a delightful excursion. I’m especially fond of kitchen shops, so while John hung out at the ice cream shop, I found a perfect sized copper colander for our RV.

The town of Bigfork under the blue Montana skies

Situated where the Flathead River and Swan River flow into Flathead Lake, this idyllic place is surrounded by beauty. We found a great Italian restaurant that overlooked the river. They weren’t open for dinner yet but rustled up a delightful meal for us anyway. And brought a bowl of water for our dog, Sangi.

The Swan River flows through the town and into the Flathead Lake.

If you look closely, you can see a FOR SALE sign at the river’s edge. My imagination went on high alert as I tried to figure out what we could build there. My out-of-the-box ideas have become a running joke, prompting John to adopt the saying, “That’s an idea,” to preserve his sanity.