Meet the Author

Cheryl Colwell

“Love to travel? Love Suspense? Me too. I also love being home with family and friends, authentic conversations, the gifts of faith and writing, and people who are as passionate about life as I am.” 

- Cheryl Colwell

Meet Cheryl

This is the Fiat I rented in Italy. For eighteen days, I drove alone through the Tuscan countryside. I look pretty relaxed here, but the first day I was terrified. That only lasted thirty minutes. The experience forever changed my view of myself. 

Each new adventure, whether traveling, listening, or writing a book, reveals things I need to know. Things I need to share. You will find these adventures, insights, and mysteries through my Journey with Me blog. I hope you will join me by subscribing below. There is also an exciting free novel for you to download. Enjoy!

Suspense Author of Astoria Rumors Cheryl Colwell
Astoria Rumors from the Get Eaven Series
Astoria Rumors from the Get Eaven Series



From the Get Eaven Series

Homeless, broke, and broken, Eaven Alexander is determined to carve out a new life. And find a way to get even.

She arrives in Astoria, Oregon but too late, she realizes that something insidious is lurking beneath Astoria’s idyllic facade. And that no one is who they claim to be.