This interesting story was covered by the San Francisco Chronicle, and on March 12, 1922, the New York Times reported that smooth, warm rocks had been falling out of a cloudless sky over Chico, California since July 1921.

The first complaint was made on November 1921 to City Marshall, J.A. Peck, by J.W. Charge, who said someone was throwing stones at his warehouse every day. The stones fell with enough force to damage windows, wooden boards, and roof shingles. Investigators, Fire Chief C.E. Tovee and Traffic Officer J.J. Corbett, narrowly escaped personal injury when a large boulder struck a wall where they had been standing only moments earlier.

Police could not come up with an explanation for the long duration of the phenomenon or the limited geographic scope of the rock fall (only on or around the warehouse).

Well, these giants might be a bit of an exaggeration.

In addition to rocks falling from Chico’s skies, on Sept 2, 1878, the New York Times said the Chico Record had reported that a great number of small fishes fell from a cloudless sky, covering a store and several acres.

Falling fish or frogs or reptiles seem easier to explain than rocks, as they can be picked up by waterspouts from pools of water. The curious thing here is how the waterspouts manage to only pick up one species at a time out of the body of water. A Moses-type plague? Heavenly provision for the hungry? Hmmm.

Speaking of hungry (ugh), there have been several documented accounts of flesh and blood falling from the sky. These have been examined, but with no reasonable explanation. Well, reasonable to most of us. Some assert that Aliens are dumping their refuse to lighten their load before exiting our atmosphere. Hmmm, again.

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